Fast Facts: 4G LTE Service

The All-New Chevy Malibu with 4G LTE
The All-New Chevy Malibu with 4G LTE

If you have been paying attention to the commercials and different social media platforms, you will probably have noticed that Chevrolet has debuted a new feature on the all new Chevy Malibu. The new 2015 Malibu is now available with Wi-Fi built right into the car. Yep, that’s right. The new 2015 Chevy Malibu is a rolling hotspot, as long as the car is on or running on accessory power. GM and OnStar have pulled out all of the stops to make Chevy life more convenient for today’s busy customers and there are plans in the works to roll out the 4G LTE service to many more GM vehicles.

While we patiently anxiously wait for 4G LTE service to roll out to more models, here are 5 fast facts about the new Wi-Fi service.

1. Connect as many as 7 devices at once!

2. Faster, more reliable and more powerful than a smartphone’s hotspot!

3. Wi-Fi is always on when the vehicle is running, or in accessory mode.

4. The Wi-Fi hotspot extends 50 feet beyond the vehicle!

5. The first 3 months or 3GB of data are included with the purchase of the 2015 Malibu. After 3 months, or 3GB of data, select an OnStar plan that works best for you.


Interested in learning more about the Malibu’s new 4G LTE capabilities? Visit OnStar’s website for more fast facts or stop by the New Car showroom today! Our 2015 Chevy Malibu’s are also available to look at online at our website. Our sales team is standing by, waiting to connect you with your new Malibu!



We Love these 5 Features of Chevy MyLink

MyLink Homescreen
MyLink Homescreen

Chevy MyLink is the newest technology to come to Chevrolet vehicles and is a hit among customers. Smartphone users love the ability to sync their devices and have their favorites things at their fingertips on their dashboard. With all of it’s features, MyLink can be a little overwhelming at first, but we’ve managed to narrow down our favorite, little known features.

Valet Mode: This option lets you put in a 4 digit pin number that basically locks down your vehicle. When this mode is selected, the vehicle will not drive more than 15 mph and all your radio stations will stay the same.

Download your Files: MyLink gives you the option to download your contacts and record your call history for those horrible moments when your toddler decides to see if your smartphone can swim.

Text Message: Sync your smartphone to your vehicle through Bluetooth technology and stay safe and connected while driving. MyLink will read your text messages aloud to you and let you respond with your choice from a list of pre-set messages.

 5 Day Weather Forecast: 5 Day weather forecast has come in handy several times when we were out of town and were wondering about the weather! MyLink uses GPS to give you an accurate picture for the next 5 days.

Local Movie Times: It has happened more times than I care to admit, my smartphone has died while trying to find out what time our movie is going to start. Instead of having to wait for my phone to recharge, MyLink to the rescue!


OnStar Remote Link: OnStar Remote Link is an app for MyLink that allows you to control your car from anywhere, up to 12,000 miles. You can check your mileage, fuel gauge, start your vehicle, turn off your vehicle, and lock your doors! Remote Link is, available in the Apple Store or in the Google Playstore.

MyLink is available on most new Chevy models. Stop by our showroom for a quick demonstration of how MyLink works with your existing technology. We love MyLink and we’re sure once you’ve seen it in action, you will too!.