What Does This Light Mean?

One of the most popular phone calls that the service department handles usually references a light that has illuminated on the dashboard. Join us on Wednesdays as we cover the basic, and not so basic, lights on your dashboard, what they mean and what to do about them!

The first light on our long list of dashboard lights is the tire pressure light. Here is what the tire pressure light looks like.

Tire Pressure Light
Tire Pressure Light

See those four rectangles on the bottom? Those represent tire treads. Who knew?

Anyways, the tire pressure monitor system warns the driver when there is a significant loss, or gain, in tire pressure in any of the four tires.  This light will stay on until the tire pressure is corrected. The proper tire pressures for your specific vehicle can be found on the Tire and Loading Label which is located just below the door latch on the driver’s door.

During colder weather, your tire pressure light might come on at the start of your drive and then turn itself off during your drive. This could be an early indicator that your tires could use a little more pressure.

If your tire pressure light comes on and stays on, your tires will need your attention sooner rather than later. The easiest thing to do is to swing by a gas station that has an air pump and add a little bit of air to your tires. If you are unsure about adding your own air to your tires, like me, then you can always swing by a dealership and ask them for a little assistance.

It’s important to note that the tire pressure monitor system, aka the tire pressure light, can alert you about low tire pressure, but it is not a replacement for normal, monthly, tire maintenance. It is the driver’s responsibility to maintain correct tire pressures. Tires with low pressure causes increased treadwear on the outsider edges of the tire and can reduce your fuel economy because your vehicle is having to work harder to get down the road.

Stay tuned on Wednesdays for our weekly post “What Does This Light Mean?” brought to you by our awesome service department!

Top 5 Things to do After a Car Accident

Take pictures of the damage
Take pictures of the damage

With all of this crazy Texas weather happening lately, we thought we should share our suggestions for what you should do after an accident. We hope you never have to use these tips, but just incase, here they are.

5. Stay calm and safe.

It’s very normal to experience a little bit of anxiety and stress after being in a car accident. Try your hardest to remain cool and calm. The first priority is to make sure that you are in a safe area. If the accident is minor you can move the cars off of the road, but if you are unable to move to the side of the road, make sure passing drivers can see you. Don’t forget to turn on your hazard lights.

4. Check for injuries and call the police.

Even if the accident is minor, it’s best to have the police come out and make an official report. This is very helpful later when dealing with insurance companies.

3. Make notes about what happened.

Take note of anything that you might forget later such as the weather and road conditions, street names, license plate numbers and models of the vehicles. Don’t forget to use your smartphone or camera to take pictures of the damage to both vehicles.

2. Exchange Information.

Be sure to exchange information with the other driver. A notepad and a pen stored in the glove compartment can come in handy in situations like this. Don’t be afraid to be the first person to ask for the other driver’s information.

1. Call your insurance agent right away.

Your insurance agent will be able to guide you in what steps you should take next and what you can expect from their end. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, especially if this is a new process for you, they are here to help. Write down all of your claim information and keep it in a safe place.

What Does “GM-Certified” really mean?

Our Pre-Owned Building 2014

GM Certified means “No worries”.

A simple statement, but what does it really mean? Security and Peace of   Mind.

To General Motors, it means security, the security that you will have knowing that the Pre-Owned GM vehicle that you are purchasing meets or exceeds our standard for quality and dependability. It also means “Peace of Mind” the protection of the most comprehensive warranty/maintenance program offered on an American Pre-Owned vehicle.

For a GM vehicle to be certified, it must be 5 years old or newer and have less than 75,000 miles, but the requirements don’t stop there. The vehicle must pass General Motor’s 172 point quality inspection, a stringent test of everything from the engine’s main components to the performance of its safety and comfort features.  Our factory trained technicians ensure that every component of the vehicle, from the drive train to the windshield wipers, is in good working condition. Next the vehicle is taken out for a road test and put through the paces of everyday driving, then it is put up on a lift so the under body can be inspected and then checked completely for cosmetic flaws. If the technicians find a component is not in good working order, the technicians will recondition it to factory standards before they will give the vehicle its certification.

When you purchase a GM Certified vehicle, you will receive the following benefits in addition to any existing factory warranty:

  • Access to a free CARFAX Vehicle History Report
  • 3 day/150 mile Complete Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 12 month/12,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty
  • 2 year/30,000 mile scheduled maintenance contract- oil changes and tire rotations
  • 5 year/100,000 mile limited powertrain warranty
  • Complimentary multi-point vehicle inspection anytime service work is performed
  • Courtesy transportation
  • 24 hour Roadside Assistance
  • Free 3 month trial of Sirius XM radio and OnStar

These features are completely transferable, which adds to the resale value of your GM vehicle. These warranties are also deductible-free. In addition, GM Financing offers incentive interest rates on their certified vehicles, allowing you the opportunity to get low interest rates generally reserved for new vehicle purchases.

It is important to note that not every pre-owned vehicle on the lot is certified. If you are unsure about whether or not a vehicle is certified, it is best to ask a sales person to verify. There are two quick ways to tell if a  pre-owned vehicle is certified on our website, it will say CERTIFIED next to the description of the vehicle and it will also have a certified badge next to the details of the vehicle.

GM Certified vehicles are like the cream of the crop on the pre-owned lot, so don’t be afraid to let the sales person know that you want the best. All of this adds up to make sure our customers have no worries. It’s our way of saying thank you for choosing a GM product, and it allows us to provide you with the quality, security and dependability long associated with the General Motors name.

The History of the Chevy Silverado

Chevy Silverado 1999

Over the course of their 100 year history, Chevrolet has produced some of the toughest trucks on the road, bringing home countless awards and earning a few die hard Chevy Truck fans along the way. One of the most loved Chevy trucks is the Silverado with its high trim levels, great interiors, and the ability to get the job done time after time.

Before the Silverado was given its own truck line, it was actually a higher trim level designation on the Chevy C/K pickup trucks from 1975 until 1999. Nothing said luxury quite like a Chevy C/K Silverado truck!

The Chevy Silverado made its industry debut in 1998 replacing the C/K series of trucks that had risen to immense popularity. The Silverado gained popularity in its own right being named Motor Trend Truck of the Year its very first year in production. Chevy customers and truck enthusiasts fell in love with the Silverado’s handling, smooth ride, quiet engine and upgraded interiors. The ’99 Silverado was also a versatile truck able to handle tough days on the work site or easy commutes around town as an everyday vehicle.

Since 1999, the main components of the Chevy Silverado have been consistent, only making changes to meet customer demand like the addition of the Silverado Heavy Duty trucks (2001), the Silverado Super Sport (2003) and the Silverado Hybrid (2005). The HD line of Silverado boasts greater horsepower and torque for increased towing capability over the standard Silverado, making it a favorite among loyal Chevy owners with large cargo.

The newest generation of Silverado has all of the latest technologies to take your ownership to the next level. Technology like hands-free Bluetooth, USB ports, On-Star, Bose sound systems and Chevrolet’s My Link will be available on most models. Chevrolet’s My Link, a touchscreen multimedia interface system, is an important piece of the newest Silverado that helps sync all of your gadgets to run seamlessly in your truck. Beyond the interior features, the Silverado’s frame is made from high strength steel with hydroforming technology and the truck’s bed is made of roll-formed steel, instead of stamped, which saves weight and helps gain strength.

Chevy Silverado 2014
Chevy Silverado 2014

From off-roading and towing to driving your family to the movies, the Chevy Silverado has proven to be a great all around truck for every owner that has climbed in the cab. The Silverado is sure to remain a customer favorite year after year. Silverado Awards:

  • 2014: Truck of the Year
  • 2013: Vincentric Best Fleet Value in America
  • 2011: Truck of the Year (Heavy Duty Model)
  • 2007: Truckin’ magazines Truck of the Year
  • 2007: ICOTY International Truck of the Year
  • 2007: Motor Trend magazine’s Truck of the Year
  • 2007: North American Truck of the Year
  • 2001-2003: Car and Driver’s Best Pickup Truck
  • 2001: Motor Trend magazine’s Truck of the Year (Heavy Duty Model)
  • 1999: Motor Trend Truck of the Year

Why Buy OEM Parts?

What are OEM parts and why do they matter? Chevrolet OEM parts are Original Equipment Manufacturer parts that have been manufactured specifically for Chevrolet vehicles. They fit right every time and have undergone stringent tests to ensure they are of the highest quality for your safety. If you are ever in a collision, make sure the body shop that is repairing your car is using OEM parts because aftermarket parts may not fit properly or have the correct crumple zones for safety. Sometimes your insurance carrier will insist that a body shop repair a vehicle with aftermarket parts. This is a great question that you can ask when you are shopping for insurance companies and what kind of policies they offer.

OEM parts may cost more up front, but this is one of those cases where “you get what you pay for”. OEM parts are tried and true for your vehicle and come with a peace of mind that aftermarket parts just can’t provide. Visit our Parts Department for more information about OEM parts and how they can benefit your vehicle. Our Parts team has over 139 years combined experience in the parts business and are happy to share their experiences with you!

The Fairbanks Family History

Just in case you are one of our new friends, here is a little Chuck Fairbanks History for you. How we started, what we believe in, and where we are headed.

Chuck Fairbanks Sr. and Chuck Fairbanks Jr. 1994

Chuck Fairbanks Jr. and his father, Chuck Fairbanks Sr., the highly successful former head coach for the University of Oklahoma and the New England Patriots, began Chuck Fairbanks Chevrolet on June 13, 1980 in Lancaster, Texas. Chuck Jr. built the same kind of ALL-PRO TEAM in the Chevrolet business as his father had done for many years in the football business. Chuck Jr. credits his father for instilling in him strong morals, a solid work ethic and a desire to be the best to accomplish the highest standards.

In October of 1993, Chuck Jr. built our current facility right off of Interstate 35E, in DeSoto, to accommodate the needs of his growing business. The very next year, we poured more concrete to store our inventory on site, keeping up with the demand for Chevy trucks.

New Car Showroom September 1997

In September of 1997, the foundation was laid for our Pre-Owned building. In 2013, we remodeled our dealership and upgraded our buildings to a more modern and comfortable atmosphere for our customers. Our state of the art facilities were redesigned with our customers in mind and we do our best to make you feel welcome in our home.

Every year, around our birthday, we throw a little party we like to call Fish-Fry Friday. We serve up fresh fried catfish, hot hush puppies and all the extras to our loyal customers, hardworking employees, and friends in the community.

We believe in giving our customers a great ownership experience in all areas of our business, sales, service, parts and body shop. We’ve been in business for 34 years and some of our employees have been with us since the early years, making it possible to have a great experience with the same staff year after year. In a sea of publicly held companies and auto groups, Chuck Fairbanks Chevrolet is a welcome rarity. We have been proud to serve our community for the past 34 years and we are excited to serve for many more years to come.

New Car Showroom 2014
New Car Showroom 2014

Welcome to Chuck Fairbanks Chevrolet’s new blog!

For the past 34 years, Chuck Fairbanks Chevrolet, has been a trusted name in the Dallas-Fort Worth community and we look forward to many more years of serving our customers! In addition to our website, which has all the features to assist you in finding the perfect vehicle of your choice, the staff has even more knowledge to share with our guests. Come back to visit our blog to find out about our upcoming events, tips and tricks about your new Chevrolet, answers to frequently asked questions, what’s new in the industry and much more!

Chuck Fairbanks Chevrolet is a family owned and operated Chevrolet dealership located in DeSoto, Texas. Our friendly staff aims to please and our high level of customer service keeps our customers coming back generation after generation. We invite you to browse our website or visit our Facebook page, dive into our rich family history and get to know us. We’ve Built an ALL-PRO Team to Serve You.