The Redesigned 2015 Chevy Silverado



The 2015 Chevy Silverado is turning a lot of heads in the automotive world and our Sales team was eager to share their favorite things about the 2015 Silverado. These are just a few of our favorite things about the redesigned Silverado, and let’s face it, this list doesn’t even scratch the surface of why we love this truck!


  1. MyLink: USB and Bluetooth connectivity allows you the freedom to stay connected on the go. MyLink uses natural speech commands and has navigation system with 3D maps and points of interest helps take the guess work out of where you are going and how to get there.

    MyLink navigation with 3D maps.
    MyLink navigation with 3D maps.
  2. 3 Ecotec3 V8 Motor: This motor gives the truck 355 horsepower and offers up to 23 highway MPG. This powerful, direct injection V8 allows the Silverado to be the most fuel efficient V8 truck on the road, getting 1 more highway MPG than Ford’s V6 Ecoboost. Visit this page to see the direct injection in action!
  1. 4G LTE: The 2015 Silverado is the next model to double as a rolling WI-FI hotspot! This 4G LTE service is faster, more reliable, and more powerful than a smartphone’s hotspot. It can extend up to 50 feet outside the vehicle, which is great for those of you that like to take your work with you in the great outdoors.


4G LTE WI-FI available on the 2015 Silverado
4G LTE WI-FI available on the 2015 Silverado
  1. Triple Sealed Doors: Another feature favored by our sales team is the triple sealed, in laid doors. Most trucks have 2 seals between the body and the door, but the 2015 Silverado bumps it up to the next level with an extra seal making the Silverado the quietest interior in it’s class.
  1. Tow Max Package: Even though the ride is quiet and smooth, the 2015 Silverado is still a working beast. The Max Trailering package, which is available with both V8 engines, allows you to trailer up to 12,000 pounds. This trailer package allows you the freedom to haul everything from 4 wheelers to horse trailers. Trailer sway control works with the StabiliTrak system to automatically apply the brakes to both the truck and the trailer if the system detects the trailer rocking. Not sure if you need the Tow Max package? Visit this chevy page   and see what kind of package would work best for your Silverado.
  1. Cage Construction and Crush Zones: Steel pillars, side door beams and a steel reinforced roof all help keep the passenger area of the Silverado safer during a collision. The crush zones have been strategically placed by safety engineers to divert the impact and the energy from a collision away from the passengers. The 2015 Silverado 1500 is the first pickup trick to receive the highest possible five-star Overall Vehicle Score for safety since the NHTSA changed its rating system. Safety is a top priority for Chevrolet and the Silverado didn’t score five stars on accident!
    Framework of the 2015 Silverado from
    Framework of the 2015 Silverado from

    Right now the 2015 Silverado can be a little difficult to track down for yourself, but we have a little secret. We have two 2015 Silverado trucks in stock, right now, ready for a test drive. Every customer that driven one has been impressed with the upgrades and the little touches that go a long way! Stop by the showroom during our Chevy Truck Month and ask to test drive a new Silverado today!

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