Does My Vehicle Need an Alignment?

Evidence of a Bad Alignment
Evidence of a Bad Alignment

Do you ever feel like your vehicle is pulling a certain direction? You probably need to have your alignment checked. Did you buy new tires recently? Did they check your alignment? Are your tires uneven feeling? You guessed it, you need an alignment. A simple adjustment to the alignment of your vehicle can solve a multitude of problems!

Adjusting the alignment of your vehicle is needed when the parts that hold the wheels in place begin to wear out. When these parts wear out, your wheels are no long parallel to each other or completely flat against the road.

One of the ways your vehicle will let you know that it needs an alignment is how the tires are showing wear. If the outside part of your tire is getting worn down, but there is still plenty of tread in the middle, you might want to have your alignment checked. It also helps to check the passenger side tires against the driver side tires. All of your tires should show roughly the same amount of wear, if not, you need an alignment.

Another thing that you might have noticed, while you were driving, is that strange feeling that your vehicle is pulling to one side. When you feel like you have to really try to get the steering wheel to line the car up straight. If you feel like you are having to work hard at driving your car in a straight line, it’s a good idea to bring it into service and let the professionals take a look at it.

Whenever you purchase new tires, you should have your alignment checked to reap the full benefits of having brand new tires. New tires allow you to have better control of your vehicle, but if your alignment is off you lose this extra control.

If you feel like you are experiencing any of these things, swing by our service center and ask one of our service advisors to take a quick look. Our service advisors are always happy to answer any questions about the routine and not-so-routine maintenance of your vehicle.

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