5 Simple Ways to Improve Fuel Efficiency

Chevy Impala LT City: 21mpg Hwy: 31mpg
Chevy Impala LT
City 21 mpg–Hwy 31 mpg

If there is one thing all drivers can relate to, its the annoying “ding-ding-ding” of your gas gauge telling you that it’s time to refuel. Why is it always at the most inopportune time, typically miles away from any gas station? Keep your gas tank and your wallet happy by following these simple tips!

  • Tires:
    • Tire choice can effect overall fuel economy, so choose your tires wisely. If your SUV is equipped with knobby, off-road tires designed for slogging through mud and gravel, but 98% of your driving is on paved roads, you could switch to all-season tires with a smoother tread. This small change can improve fuel economy over time. No matter what you drive, when you shop for tires you should look for those described as having low rolling resistance or fuel-saving technology.
  • Tire Pressure:
    • In terms of maintenance the most cost-effective task for improving fuel economy is keeping your tires inflated to their recommended pressure level. Under inflated tires can lower gas mileage by as much as 3%. Air is cheaper than gas, so it pays to keep tires inflated to what the manufacturer recommends on the tire placard typically found on the driver’s doorjamb and in the owner’s manual.
  • Driver habits and Cruise Control:
    • Think ahead! Drive smoothly. By applying light throttle and avoiding heavy braking, you can reduce both fuel consumption and wear and tear. Research suggests driving techniques can influence fuel efficiency by as much as 30%. When appropriate, use your cruise control. This can save you up to 6% in fuel consumption on the highway.
  • Check Engine Light:
    • Don’t ignore a check engine light or other warnings involving the emissions system because those are often indications that a component of the emissions and/or fuel system has failed. A faulty sensor can send incorrect signals to the computers that control today’s engines, and that could result in unnecessary fuel consumption. The DOE and EPA estimate this could reduce fuel economy 4% on average and as much as 40% from a faulty oxygen sensor.
  • Parts:
    • Corroded battery cables cause the alternator to work harder, using more gas. Have them cleaned, as a precaution, with each engine check-up. Inspect suspension and chassis parts for misalignment. Bent wheels, axles, worn shocks, and broken springs can contribute to drive-train drag, not to mention the unsafe condition they create. If something sounds wrong with your vehicle, it never hurts to have it checked out by one of our certified mechanics, just in case!

We’re all about fuel efficiency here at Chuck Fairbanks Chevrolet, so if a fuel efficient vehicle is on your to-do list, drop by and we’ll show you what we have! We are here every day, except for Sunday, and our inventory is always available to view online, on your mobile or desktop, at www.chuckfairbankschevy.com.

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